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pH’s LeadMatrix platform is a scalable source of growth for ambitious businesses who require exclusive or premium qualified leads delivered in real time to their sales teams on a pay-per-lead basis.

Having spent £50million in 15 years on our own marketing campaigns in PPI, Wills and Payroll we’ve learnt more than most. That why Pelham Heath was born, and now we’ve opened the doors for you to benefit too.

Imagine never worrying about your lead supply again. It’s time to open your eyes, and feel the difference Pelham Heath will make to your growth curve.

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pH's LeadMatrix Platform

pH’s LeadMatrix platform has 360 marketing capabilities to deliver incredible customer volumes with unrivalled quality and is completely risk free. Interested? Read more

Platform integrations include


Omni-Channel Marketing

With our own digital assets and proprietary marketing technologies, we operate across search, display, social and native platforms to reach incredible volumes of buyers while maintaining our premium quality.

360 Data Management

Centralised and compliant data gives insight into millions of buyers, retail and commercial, across multiple sectors, in a single view, meaning time to market is reduced and performance is increased from the off.

Marketing Intelligence

Our proprietary technology uses closed loop reporting and algorithms to continually monitor and improve conversions, volumes and return on investment for our clients 24/7/365.

Exclusive & Premium Qualified Leads

Maintaining buyer quality is critical to campaign performance. We digitally and manually verify lead data and intent, to ensure we deliver an unrivalled quality of leads.

Real Time Lead Delivery

Our LeadMatrix technology integrates with almost any CRM that has an API, automatically verifying lead delivery and quality. Alternatively we can deliver leads by email, or get you set up with Hubspot’s free CRM.

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Client Stories

Scaling beyond expectations

We are confident to say we own the PPI lead generation space, across search, display and native, delivering exceptional growth for our client. With aggressive campaigns, that put up huge barriers to entry for others.

Unrivalled lead conversions

For over a year, we’ve fueled the continuous and explosive growth of the leading UK Will writer, by delivering 75,000+ ready to buy new customers, with conversion rates that provide excellent returns for the client.